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Live sound engineer working in and around the South East and London. Using my studio knowledge and on the road experience I've become a competent live sound engineer making quick decisions and ensuring that artists performing have confidence in me to get the best possible sound for them - as well as staying calm throughout to make sure the performance is at its best. Over the last 6 years I've been lucky enough to work on some great contracts ranging from smaller productions to large contracts with some great people. These include working with larger bands on front of house and monitors, festivals, corporate work all around the country, and theatre touring productions including medium scale touring shows to childrens shows in the UK and the middle east. From these I have doubled up on jobs working sometimes as stage manager and company/tour manager, I always believe that a challenge is what keeps the job interesting!

My CV is here


Freelance Sound Engineer - Available to mix front of house and monitors for live bands, DJs, corporate shows/events, festivals and theatre productions.

PA Hire - for gigs, concerts, corporate events, public address.

Recording/Production Services - bands/solo artists recording, mixing and production

Alter Eagles | The Hot Rox | Katy Perry Dreams | Paramore (Or Less)


Guitarist - Available for live work or studio work

Backing Tracks - I can create high quality backing tracks for your band or recording projects, whether this be original compositions or backing tracks to sing to.

Producer - From one acoustic track to a full band album, I can record, mix and produce what you need and catered to your budget.

Mix Engineer - If you have recorded your demo and it needs that added sparkle with a new set of ears, please contact for any enquiries.




To contact me you can email me or find me on other sites by clicking the logos at the top.