Every sound wave can be either beautiful or dangerous. That is why it is so important to make sure you have a qualified sound engineer to look after the equipment, band and audience.

Making sure the crowd enjoys one of your gigs does not mean you have to whack up the volume, we make sure all levels and acoustic environments are set for a flawless sound and experience for all involved.

We also understand that at an event or conference, we need to make sure every one of your delegates can hear everything your speakers are saying, without deafening the brave attendees who actually sit at the front!

Music services include:

  • Sound engineering on digital and analogue desks
  • Stage set-up and management
  • Arranging technical and logistical details pre-show, including tour management
  • Creating and sending technical specifications
  • Providing technical support throughout concert from load in to get out
  • Producing backing tracks
  • Recording live performances
  • Mixing, producing and recording music in studios

Corporate services include:

  • Engineering sound on digital and analogue desks
  • Pre-production work on-site, such as rehearsals
  • Operating switching software and hardware
  • Show calling and managing break out rooms
  • Setting up PA and microphones for speakers
  • Liaising with the venue and speakers prior to conference or event
  • Providing technical support throughout the event from set up to load out

Software and hardware includes:

Although based in the UK, we are more than happy for you to take us to new and exotic places all over the world to work! So, get in touch today