To stand out from the crowd, it makes sense that you would go above and beyond. You don’t only want to impress your audience, but your bosses or investors too.

But standing out doesn’t mean you have to compromise your brand guidelines or tone of voice. In fact, ensuring you are in line with your colleagues will make you look smarter and cleaner.

Only, you don’t have the time to make sure all of your team’s slides are brand compliant and correct. That’s why we provide pre-production and on-site support at any location or venue. Whether you need a stand-alone solution, or an extension of your current internal communications team, we can help transform your slides into a visually uniformed presentation.

Services include:

  • PowerPoint master template slide design      
  • Style-guide creation and implementation
  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentation and content formatting
  • Working with you and your team from pre-production to delivery
  • On-site graphical and technical support
  • Graphic operations for corporate meetings and events
  • Mass content management and planning
  • Providing speaker support for multiple rooms

Software Includes:

Although based in the UK, we are more than happy for you to take us to new and exotic places all over the world to work!

So, get in touch today!